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For instance do you want a hot or cold water pressure washer. In most situations a cold water version is adequate but a hot water washer with an integral boiler will remove stubborn residue more easily (just think about doing the washing up – hot water is much more effective). For even more cleaning power a hot water jet washer can have a facility to make steam which is achieved by a valve reducing the water flow into the boiler causing steam to be formed when leaving the lance. Steam is useful for cleaning very stubborn deposits as well as killing bacteria.

On industrial machines it is normal to use a slower revving motor with a larger pump which means it can be used for longer periods without overheating. Pressure washers can be powered in various ways and each has its advantages. Electric power is the most common source with smaller motors using a 240 volt single phase supply from a conventional plug socket and larger commercial machines using a 3 phase 420 volt supply.

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