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For instance do you want a hot or cold water pressure washer. In most situations a cold water version is adequate but a hot water washer with an integral boiler will remove stubborn residue more easily (just think about doing the washing up – hot water is much more effective).

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One solution might be to hire a pressure washer before buying and ask a company expert in the field what they recommend. Don’t forget to factor in to your costings any servicing that may be required to make sure the washer will work at optimum efficiency.

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Pure Water Cleaning Cleaning Equipment for Pure Water Cleaning. Water is a naturally impure liquid and these impurities can interfere when using it for cleaning as microscopic deposits can cause streaks or marks and windows for example may not look as clean as they might. Pure water has all the

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Pressure washers (jet washers) are an invaluable cleaning tool and like many things once you have used one you will wonder how you managed without it but what is a pressure washer? It basically comprises a pump a high pressure hose and a cleaning lance with a trigger switch. Water

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Versatile Efficient Designed to be sleek engineered to be easy to use and assembled by hand in Europe this is the steam cleaner you’ve been waiting for. Weighing in at only 10 pounds the ONE™ steam cleaner is portable and easy to store. Its 16-foot power cord allows you to

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The obvious and most common use for this technology is in window cleaning where the old method of using soapy water cloths and ladders is being phased out as more window cleaners turn to pure water cleaning. Chemical Fogging Equipment B&G’s lightweight portable fogging machines are the ideal way to

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The ultimate household steam cleaner. Steam cleaners turn regular tap water into superheated steam and release it on demand through the accessory of your choice. On contact this low-moisture steam can remove dirt filth grease stains bacteria and germs from any surface or material. The ONE™ steam cleaner offers unmatched

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An extensive range of cleaning machines for hard surface floors comprising single disc cleaners powered floor scrubber dyers and pedestrian and ride-on floor sweepers. Where sanitizing and hygiene are important then a floor steam cleaner may be the most suitable item of floor cleaning equipment particularly in areas such as

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Superheated dry vapor The Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner produces the perfect steam. Its stainless steel boiler is pressurized to 4 times the atmospheric pressure to increase the boiling point of water to 293ºF / 145ºC. The high-density heating element then superheats the steam to 303°F / 150°C resulting in a