26 Extraordinary Wet Mopping Machine Image Inspirations26 Extraordinary Wet Mopping Machine Image Inspirations

Vacuum Cleaners Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. Our wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners including dry and wet&dry vacs covers all commercial needs from the smaller tub and upright vacuums for everyday cleaning to wet & dry vacs in a range of sizes and also heavy duty vacuum cleaners for

Wet Floor ScrubberWet Floor Scrubber

The obvious and most common use for this technology is in window cleaning where the old method of using soapy water cloths and ladders is being phased out as more window cleaners turn to pure water cleaning. Chemical Fogging Equipment B&G’s lightweight portable fogging machines are the ideal way to

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Industrial Steam Cleaners Steam cleaning is invaluable in the healthcare and food industries among others where sanitizing and deep cleaning are of paramount importance. A dry steam cleaner will produce steam at about 180o C which means it has an extremely low water content and has excellent degreasing properties.

31 Incredible Tile Floor Buffer Polisher Machine Picture Ideas31 Incredible Tile Floor Buffer Polisher Machine Picture Ideas

A wide range of pedestrian and ride-on floor sweepers suitable for a variety of duties. From compact versions to larger machines with a sweep up to 193cm there is a floor sweeper for every requirement. With options of battery or engine power there is an excellent selection of machines for

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The perfect steam cleaner for your home. Using nothing but regular tap water the ONE Plus™ steam cleaner cuts through dirt and grime and sanitizes every surface it touches. Offering advanced features like CST™ technology and unmatched steam temperature it is the very best steam cleaner of its class. Say

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Sleek and portable. Clean sanitize and deodorize your entire home with this superior European-made steam cleaner. Weighing only 15 pounds the ONE Plus™ is portable and convenient to use anywhere. Assembled by hand using high-quality components this steam cleaner comes fully equipped with a complete 17-piece accessory kit providing you

25 Cleaning Machine Industrial Picture Inspirations25 Cleaning Machine Industrial Picture Inspirations

Pure Water Cleaning Cleaning Equipment for Pure Water Cleaning. Water is a naturally impure liquid and these impurities can interfere when using it for cleaning as microscopic deposits can cause streaks or marks and windows for example may not look as clean as they might. Pure water has all the

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The capacity and consumption of fuel to feed the burner. Most hot water pressure washers have a boiler which is normally heated by a burner using kerosene. The fuel tank capacity and consumption shows how long the machine can run before refilling. On diesel powered machines the fuel tank will

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Pressure alone is not an indication of effective cleaning as water volume plays an important part. For instance high pressure used with a low water volume will produce a powerful but narrow water jet which may be ideal for cleaning small areas of ingrained dirt but not so effective for